How Did Lenovo® Tell a New Digital and Dynamic Story?

Lenovo partnered with the DCI Marketing team to develop a new and dynamic experience at the landmark B&H store in Manhattan. The all-new, 16-foot modular table digital product display uses vibrant video and motion sensors to present Lenovo’s products in a high-tech, creative way while tracking how consumers interact with it.

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A 16 foot modular digital table for Lenovo products that is located in retail locations

Telling a New Story – Digitally & Dynamically

Lenovo partnered with DCI Marketing on the design and development of an engaging brand experience for B&H, an iconic electronics retailer in Manhattan, which uses vibrant video and motion sensors to present Lenovo’s advanced laptops and PCs in a high-tech and creative way.

“We were charged with developing a new and dynamic experience for Lenovo at B&H,” says Jay Jacques, DCI Marketing VP of business development. B&H is a New York City landmark, with an average of 5,000 shoppers visiting the Midtown location every day. “We’re proud to say that with this all-new digital product display and its ability to track and report interaction with it, we did that and so much more.”

Designed to blend form and function, the retail display is built around a 16-foot-long, modular table that features eight 4K video displays with a custom aspect ratio of 16:3, which is one-third the height of the standard display with a 16:9 screen. The low-profile video displays improve site lines within the store while dynamically displaying motion graphics to draw customers in.

“When we first put pen to paper, challenge number one was grabbing attention,” says Peter Jarosz, creative director for DCI Marketing.

“We wanted to bring digital excitement to the display, but we also knew that the most exciting part of the display is the products themselves. The product is the star.”

Peter Jarosz

DCI Creative Director

DCI Marketing approached the design of the display from three different perspectives on the B&H sales floor, which Jarosz calls the “30-10-3 principle.” This approach optimizes consumer experience with the display from distances of 30, 10 and 3 feet to drive engagement.

It begins with a large dimensional graphic suspended above featuring the bold Lenovo red and 2-sided LED illuminated logo. “This acts as a beacon for Lenovo, calling attention to the display,” Jarosz says. “You can see it from anywhere in the store.”

Directly below is the display table with 48” screens mounted end to end on both sides. Smaller 36” screens cap off each end. These screens provide a captivating backdrop to the Lenovo products, which sit on a surface in front.

In their nonactive state, the screens host “stadium content,” showcasing the Lenovo brand. As a shopper approaches any portion of the Lenovo display, motion sensors trigger video content specific to the product in front of them. These sensors focus customer attention on the key product features that drive purchase while providing Lenovo valuable data as to what stations and products get the most engagement.

An abstract illustration of the Lenovo LED sign.

“By using these digital screens, Lenovo can keep its consumer experience relevant and engaging without incurring the time delays and expense of printed POP. With LiveGuide, we’re able to push and pull marketing messages and graphics with just the click of a mouse.”

Peter Jarosz

DCI Creative Director

The automatically triggered digital content draws the consumer in and helps them invest more deeply into the experience. “In a sense, they feel like they are in control of what they are seeing,” Jarosz says. “That helps to unify them with the display.”

The display content is delivered by DCI Marketing’s proprietary LiveGuide® CMS and is monitored and managed by a remote team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. LiveGuide makes it quick and seamless to update content for things like sales promotions, holiday themes and seasonal messaging.

Keeping retail displays current can be challenging, particularly for electronics, with the seemingly continual changes in technology and in product lineup. Changing out printed materials is time-consuming and costly in both materials and labor.

LiveGuide allows DCI Marketing to provide technical support and update content easily without having to be physically in the store. That flexibility and immediacy is key to the effectiveness of the B&H display.

“By using these digital screens, Lenovo can keep its consumer experience relevant and engaging without incurring the time delays and expense of printed POP,” Jacques says, noting that the system allows updates to graphics and messaging to be made as frequently as they are needed. “With LiveGuide, we’re able to push and pull marketing messages and graphics with just the click of a mouse.”

An abstract illustration of a desktop computer showing statistics, a blue thought bubble is popping out of the screen with an exclamation point inside.

DCI Marketing took several subtle – yet critical – steps to better connect the shopper to the Lenovo products in the space. Light oak veneer was chosen for the display table to convey the tabletop and desktop surfaces on which consumers will be using the Lenovo products. “That helps put the products in better context of their homes and offices,” Jarosz says.

The table’s heavy, powder-coated steel legs are flared inward to allow the consumers to get as close to the table as possible. Colorful, top-mounted pylons delineate products and product lines by category to help the consumer quickly find what’s right for them.

“This display first and foremost helps elevate the Lenovo brand and its products,” Jacques says. “But the technology built into it also helps both Lenovo and B&H accurately track the behavior of shoppers. It’s invaluable to retailers to know where shoppers most frequently first engage the display, how long and which paths they move through it, and the point at which they leave. These insights drive future evolution of both the display and Lenovo products.”

A photo of a Lenovo retail display.

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