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Consumer Electronics

You need dynamic solutions that work now and into the future. The fast paced, provocative world of consumer electronics will never sit still. Crowded markets, short product life cycles and perpetually distracted customers challenge brands to stand out and stay ahead.

Our insight-driven approach allows us to provide turnkey digital solutions that make it easy for brands and retailers to display the right information, in the right place, at the right time. We use breakthrough retail experiences that leverage the latest in digital and data technologies to inspire and engage savvy customers.

We have deep industry experience, from concept through execution, to help you create value-add campaigns and compelling in-store activation using custom fixtures, digital ad displays and screens, visual merchandising and more.

We run really fast, and we need to have partners that can run as fast as we run. And DCI is definitely a partner that can do that.
Major Consumer Electronics Brand
Channel Marketing Manager

Intel Experience

1.7 Million Impressions

Intel sought to create preference and purchase intent for their devices. We helped drive over 1.7 million impressions through a custom shop-in-shop “canvas”. This seamlessly integrated physical and digital environment also offered the ability to update efficiently over the program life cycle, helping engage customers for an average dwell time of 2.5 minutes.

DCI's Intel Experience
activation solutions

Strategy Illustration


Our unique approach to achieving your goals and objectives.

Program Design Illustration

Program Design

How we map out the project from start to end.

Engineering Illustration


Building physical brand experiences for retail.

Installation Illustration


In stores and ready to go.

Reporting Illustration


Timely updates on key performance indicators.

Oculus Rift and Go Demo

1+ Million Demos

DCI manages Oculus’ retail demo experience by utilizing a custom LiveGuide®-powered solution that delivers an engaging, focused, and unforgettable virtual reality experience. As Oculus’ official retail partner, we handle key aspects of the demo experience ensuring a consistently engaging experience for customers, with over one million demos to date.

DCI's Oculus Rift and Go Demo
activation solutions

Project Management Illustration

Project Management

Efficiently organizing and managing resources.

Development Illustration


Building ideas and concepts into physical and digital realities.

Deployment Illustration


Getting project elements where they are needed, on time, and in perfect condition.

Technical Support Illustration

Technical Support

Fully supporting your needs in the field real time.

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Parts and supplies to keep your project up and running.

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