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There is no substitute for experience. For more than 75 years we have been creating intelligent, custom retail activation solutions for the world's leading automotive brands.

Your needs and goals are unique, and our deep experience in the transportation industry gives us the foundation to understand the challenges you face in dealerships both physically and digitally. We are committed to providing custom, strategic ways to engage your customers, increase sales and customer loyalty.

Our brand retail activation capabilities can help you build trust with hesitant vehicle shoppers and engage customers during service appointments. It can also help make them aware of services, accessories and amenities relevant to them.

From design through development, installation and aftercare, let us help you develop solutions like custom brand publications, digital ad displays, fixture programs, lighting, and displays that create a unified brand experience delivering measurable impact on your goals.

DCI is extremely responsive. They're very fast to come up with innovative solutions that address our business needs. They put a lot of effort into understanding our brand and building relationships to provide that personal touch. Although they are located in a different part of the country, we feel they prioritize us. They provide resources that are located within our building, which is very important and helps keep them connected.
Leading Automotive Manufacturer
Brand Partnerships and Experiential Marketing Manager

Subaru Ambassador

100k+ Activations Monthly

We developed a formal platform to empower passionate Subaru owners to advocate for the brand, share gear, magazines and vehicle purchase incentives with prospective buyers. Ambassadors are having more than 100,000 conversations each month and 63% of the purchase offers extended are redeemed, 72% of which are customers new to the brand.

DCI's Subaru Ambassador
activation solutions

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Our unique approach to achieving your goals and objectives.

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Program Design

How we map out the project from start to end.

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Getting project elements where they are needed, on time, and in perfect condition.

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Parts and supplies to keep your project up and running.

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Timely updates on key performance indicators.


4,100 Facilities Nationwide

Our 40-person audit team compiled a comprehensive profile of each service facility as part of General Motors "Reinventing the Service Lane" initiative. Based on the audit insights we recommended dealer specific retail processes, technology and merchandising solutions to support GM’s customer experience needs.

activation solutions

Program Design Illustration

Program Design

How we map out the project from start to end.

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Project Management

Efficiently organizing and managing resources.

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Technical Support

Fully supporting your needs in the field real time.

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Parts and supplies to keep your project up and running.

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Turning data into better business decisions.

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